We all know how it is, its fun times with family and friends, with one too many days of indulgence and next thing we know we aren’t sleeping well, have a little extra softness around our tummy and start feeling sluggish and tired.  This can be the result of 3 different things:

1) Your PH and alkaline levels are off or have an imbalance.

2) You are bloated and or puffy from excess salt or sugar.

3) You are having trouble fully digesting and “passing” your toxins and waste.

These are 3 VERY common problems that we face and don’t even know.  All too often we write these off as just being tired because of all the festivities.  When in all reality if you can balance your PH and Alkaline levels, and make sure you keep your body digesting correctly you can avoid the sluggish bloated feeling and enjoy your holiday season SO much more.

Here are a couple suggestion to help in this process: try taking 1-2 tbsp of apple cider vinegar before some of your bigger meals, this will help your body both balance PH and digest your food more efficiently.

-  Also you should make sure you are drinking an adequate amount of water, we are eating more and therefore feeling full more often leading us to forget to drink as much water as we normally do. Shoot for at least 90oz per day.

-  If you are feeling irregular or bloated try either a sea salt flush or some Smooth Move/Detox tea.  You can mix some sea salt in room temp water and drink it first thing in the morning(stay home/near a restroom, this WORKS)! For a more gentle approach you can try drinking some smooth move tea(sold at any grocery store) and this will gently help you become more regular.

-  Be mindful about what and when you are eating, I’m not saying you shouldn’t indulge or enjoy your holidays.  Just be aware, maybe do some research on food combining and what is better to eat together for proper digestion, this alone could save you a lot agony and sluggish feelings while still enjoying your time.

For any more questions on these subjects as there is SO much more in depth that is involved email me at Katg127@ymail.com with your questions or inquiry’s.

Make sure you are still getting your sweat on!


Kathryn Marie, CPT

November 23 , 2011 In: Fitness Tips

Why wait till tomorrow……??

With the Holiday’s upon we all know that it is easy to excercise less and indulge more.  We get caught up in the idea that in order to enjoy our time with our family and the holidays we have to over indulge.  This is just NOT the case.  If you speak to any health and fitness expert they will not tell you NOT to eat or enjoy your time, it is all within moderation.  I know you have probably heard this before and thought, well heck if I knew how to keep it within moderation I wouldnt have the problem of over indulging! Well, your not alone.

All too often we use excuses to justify our over indulgences.  We say its impossible to start a diet over the holidays, or we mess up and decide well heck I already messed up I should just go all out and start tomorrow, or I worked all day and deserve to come home and rest.  These are some of the most widely used excuses and reasoning we use or come up with to make ourselves feel better about the fact that we failed at having enough self discipline to stick with the plan or to control our minds and cravings.

Well I am here to tell you to stop making excuses, THERE WILL ALWAYS BE AN EXCUSE. There is alway a birthday, holiday, party, occasion, or tomorrow’s.  Why not start now, RIGHT NOW.

It doesnt have to be a totally 100% overhaul maybe you just start today by drinking only water and giving up soda. OR you decide you will have no starchy carbs after 4pm today, or you will take a new group fitness class every day this week.  WHATEVER it is you can start now, you can slowly but surely make small changes to your daily routine in order to move closer to a HEALTHY LIFESTYLE.  Which is really the key, is to stop thinking of this darn thing as a diet and restrictive regimen and more as a lifestyle change that you can manage and stay true to day in and day out, making smarter and healthier choices to lead you to a new and improved version of your already amazing self!



Kathryn Gosztyla, CPT

November 16 , 2011 In: Fitness Tips

Is it worth your time…..?

Picture this……you walk into the gym, it is either early in the morning or late at night after work, you are tired, exhausted, and thinking about a million different things.  You trudge up to the cardio room and mindlessy mess around on the treadmill until you get bored do some abs and decide to head home and call it a day.  But you went right? Yes, in a sense you are right for congratulating yourself for going in the first place.  BUT what if you could go and actually get in a good workout and make USE OF YOUR TIME.

In my last post I talked about how a 1 hour workout is only 4% of your day, and this is true it is, however that is still an hour out of your day, an hour of your time.  Why would you want to waste a full hour of your day doing something that is not efficient, or to the best of your ability.  Too many people find themselves wondering around the gym without a plan of action.  This is the true sense of the phrase “Fail to plan and plan to fail”.

You have 3 options in my opinion to make sure you are making the most of your time at the gym:

1) Hire a personal trainer- the first thing that may come to your mind is expensive, but you have some options.  A lot of personal trainers offer group personal training which make sit more affordable, and or program design.  Program design is where you meet with a trainer and they are able to design a program specifically for you that you carry out on your own and usually pay a one time fee.  Both of these options make it more affordable for you to have plan.  Of course you can always just train one on one with a trainer and get a great butt kicking workout!

2) Group fitness Classes: All to often we pass up on these classes for 2 reasons, either we are scared, or we think we are too good.  I know there have been many times where I have passed on a class either  because I thought I couldnt dance(ZUMBA) or I thought I was too good for it(Yoga). YOU NEVER KNOW IF YOU DONT TRY!! Get in there and try a class, I promise you, you will be pleasantly surprised.

3) Utilize one of many online tools that can help you start to have a plan of attack.  Any and all fitness websites most likely have info on how to start a training program and lord knows there are hundreds of books out there that you can pick up for less than $20 bucks that will get you started in the right direction.


Stay tuned for my next post on which books are the best and worst :)


Kathryn Mare

Curl Fitness Personal Trainer and Group Fitness Instructor

Did you know that 1 hour workout is only 4% of your day? When you think of it that way it seems silly when you make excuses as to why you dont work out right? I always say that Fitness and Nutrition pull out a vulnerable side in everyone.  You are putting yourself out there and trying to create a change.  Whether it is a change in your physical body, mentality or inside health.  That can be scary, overwhelming, confusing and so much more.  But I always ask my clients, how do you think you will feel when your done?

YOU WILL NEVER REGRET A WORKOUT!  Have you ever heard someone say “wow I really wish I hadnt worked out today” LOL I dont think so.  Sometimes all it takes is getting started, getting yourself in the car, and through the door.  Once your there thats the easy part.  You can either take a class(like my Lean and Mean Interval class at 8am), enlist the help of a personal trainer, or simply do what feels good for that day.  Even if its only 20 minutes, thats 20 minutes longer than the person who was at home on the couch while you were at the gym bettering yourself from the inside out.

Seem like some tough love? Maybe, but its the truth and deep down we know these are not some major unknown secrets.  Rather small facts that sometimes we just need to be reminded of!

Did you give your 4% at the gym or outside today?

Start your weekend out right by attending BootCamp at 8 am with Kathryn or Zumba at 10am Kat tomorrow! They are both fun, exciting, high energy workouts.  AND I just made my music mix for bootcamp and its a good one :)


Kathryn Marie

Curl Fitness Personal Trainer and Group Fitness Instructor